Pentecost Sunday Worship Service

Welcome to First Kingfisher UMC Pentecost Sunday Worship Service. Rev. Patrick McPherson will examine the birth of the church, and how the Holy Spirit continues to direct and enable the church to evolve and begin new ministries. We invite you to join us today as we celebrate, not only that special moment when the Holy Spirit came to burn amongst Christ’s followers, but also what God has done and desires to do in our church in the days ahead.

Sunday, May 24 Worship Service

This Sunday is a sort of homecoming for our church family as we come together and have our first service outside on our church property. Many of us have felt like we were in exile since this social distancing began. And yet, in spite of our circumstances we held onto hope and kept our eyes focused on God, while we acted as his hands and feet in our community.

Now, God appears to be calling us home with a new purpose. Although home may feel familiar, we should also expect many differences. Rev. Patrick McPherson will lead us in a study of the first chapter of Ezra. In his sermon, we will examine what kind of church we will be, in light of the changes taking place in the world around us.

Sunday, May 17, 2020 Graduation Recognition Service


We’re so glad you have chosen to join us for First Kingfisher’s 2020 Graduation Recognition Service. Today, we will honor our graduates and Rev. Patrick McPherson will share with them a message of hope as they prepare for the next stage of their journey.

We will look at the prophet Jeremiah’s message to a people in exile, considering that the new worlds in which our graduates are entering may feel like strange new lands that they have been sent to on their own. The truth is, many of us find ourselves walking through a life that seems strangely unfamiliar and disconnected from a lot of our friends and family, right now.

Although, there may be a predisposition to pull back and resist that new world, Jeremiah’s words should challenge us to embrace the places God is walking on through, to learn and grow in our new atmospheres, to open our hearts and minds to new people, and take on the new journey with an openness for God’s plans for our future.

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Welcome to the First Kingfisher United Methodist Church Mother’s Day Service. Today will not be a typical church service, as we will instead examine how God has blessed us with the gift of mothers. We will hear testimonies of how experiencing the faithfulness of our mothers and other mother figures in our lives, gives us a greater understanding of the unconditional love of God.

We hope the women joining us today will feel honored and appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day from First Kingfisher United Methodist Church!

Sunday, May 3rd Worship Service

Welcome to the online service of First Kingfisher United Methodist Church. We all suffer at different times in our lives, and sometimes our suffering is for the sake of Christ. Rev. Patrick McPherson will explore 1 Peter chapter 2 and share some insights on what we can glean from it.

Below are scriptures you can read with your children and activities to do with your kids which will support the lessons learned in the Children’s Sermon.

READ THE BIBLE:The Shepherd Psalm – Psalm 23(Young Shepherd) David Anointed as King – 1 Samuel 16:1-13

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP – A Modern Day Shepherd

FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and other at-home ideas – Together @ Home